Apple iPad vs Google Android Tablet PC

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Android is the in-thing nowadays and the word is spreading like fire.

Owning an android mobile phone or a tablet PC is one thing that is worth spending your money on. So what is an Android? Is it a new type of model or a new technology? If you do not know about androids, it is time that you start exploring the world of androids.

Android is basically an operating system that helps various gadgets like laptops, tablets and mobiles to function. Although new entrants are penetrating this market fast, the only established competitor nowadays in the market with Android is apple. This means not only does android have to beat
Apple in competition, but also look out for threats from the smaller upcoming players in the market.

Android is also a cheaper version of Apple iPad. Financially Google android is a very strong company and has capability to improve their product easily since they can invest a lot more money in research. But nevertheless Apple is one of the more established companies and has a strong brand image
and customer base in the market. Google Android tablet PCs would still take some more time and show innovative things to the customers before they can beat Apple iPad.

Still then Androids are becoming increasingly popular due to their lower prices. Their target customers are not established IT people or business men but the younger generation who are more up to date with new forms of digital media. This young generation like college goers or young adults are
actually looking out for a replacement to apple iPad since it has become so common. So why not go for an equally good operating system which is available at a lower price. Since there are not much of a choice available in the market, actually whosoever does not want to join the apple bandwagon
would end up buying Google Android tablet PC anyways.

Since the price is low and the quality is high, it proves to be a good option for official purpose as well when bought in bulk. These are now frequently available on various online shops who also offer great deals and discounts along with a promise to deliver it to your doorstep for free. Free
shipping to anywhere in the world is a promise that many people have tried out and have been extremely satisfied with the customer service as well.

The only point where a Google Android tablet PC has a setback in the present scenario is due to its brand image. As compared to reputable Apple who has already penetrated into the market, it has been difficult for people to accept Android as a new technology. Especially amongst the higher income
groups, it is a peer pressure why people would rather invest in an Apple than going for a cheaper Android. It would take Android some more time to create a lasting impression on people’s mind that can be carried forward. As of now there are many who are still not aware of Android brand at all
and Google would need to promote it massively before it can win over Apple’s iPad.

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