Augen Gentouch NBA7800ATP 7 Inch Tablet

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The Augen Gentouch 7 inch tablet promises to be a capable and easy to use tablet that has good multimedia support. Unfortunately, the device as delivered isn’t quite so easy to use, and in fact takes quite some effort to make it work well.

The processor built into the tablet runs at 800 Mhz. This should be perfectly sufficient for Android 2.1, but in truth the system runs very slowly. There is 256mb of RAM memory too, which again should be more than sufficient, but in use it seems a little slow for those claimed specs.

The tablet can playback certain video and music formats, but this is hit and miss. Small programs can be downloaded onto your home computer that will convert your video into a format that is supported, before you then transfer it onto your computer.

There is only 2GB of storage in built, part of which is taken up by the Android operating system. However there is a micro SD card slot which allows you to add more storage to the system. The micro SD card can be used to transfer videos, music and photos onto your device.

The screen has more than reasonable resolution. Unfortunately, it is a resistive touch screen, and is incredibly inaccurate out of the box. However once the three updates from Augen are installed on the device you have the ability to calibrate the keyboard and other functions so that they work better. You can use a finger or fingernail to press or scroll, but a stylus makes it a little more accurate.

Installing apps to the device is not an easy process as there is no access to the Android store. The included store has only a limited number of apps available, and yet, it is possible to install many Android apps. However this has to be done by finding and downloading the file online, saving it to the micro SD card and then installing it using a special app. You also need to be familiar with the device settings in order to do this, and must set it to allow the installation of unknown apps.

The tablet is incredibly lightweight, and this makes it perfect for use as an eBook reader. Since it is only 7 inches, it is well suited for this. The battery does not last well, with around four hours available when WiFi is turned off, but as light as it is it isn’t hard to have it on charge when in use. With a micro SD card in place, it can hold thousands of eBooks.

YouTube and web browsing are two of the best functions of the device. The screen is large enough for either, and reading is easy too. Typing is not too easy, needing to be pecked out with a stylus, but it is possible to compose short emails.

There is only a single speaker on the back, so without headphones the tablet does not give stereo sound. However the mono sound is reasonable quality. There is a headphone jack, but it is 2.5mm rather than the standard, and so requires an adapter to use most headphones.

All told this tablet has a lot of potential, if you are both capable and willing to put in the effort. With the incredibly low price tag, that work is more than worth it.

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