Bluetooth iPad Headphones – JayBird Sportsband Review

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These JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth iPad Headphones are a gorgeous looking way to make your iPad audio spring to life without the necessity of those frustrating wires.

We’ve all been tolerant of wired headphones for so long that we have just got used to them in everyday life, but why should we? These JayBird bluetooth iPad headphones are leading the way in ridding our lives of those pointless wires by allowing you to listen to your favorite music, watch movies
and play games with wireless sound.

But how does the sound quality compare to, say, wired headphones of a similar price? Surely the quality won’t be on par because of distortion and interference? Well, that’s what you would expect, but fortunately, JayBird have found a way around that problem. Instead of just feeding you the
bluetooth signals on their own, these bluetooth iPad headphones feature apt-x technology which essentially opens the door to receiving signals as wide as it can possibly go. In this way, you will be able to enjoy CD quality sound without any wires in sight.

These bluetooth iPad headphones are also the perfect way to enjoy your iPad’s iTunes library on the go too, since they allow you to keep your iad stored safely away from prying eyes and potential damage in your rucksack. How, you ask? Well, for one thing they operate to a huge range of 10 meters,
so you could quite easily sit on the other side of your house from your tablet and still enjoy full clarity, but also because the headphones incorporate shortcut buttons on the left ear which allow you to take full control of your songs. With the option to change tracks, change volume and pause,
you’ll have no need to keep your tablet on your lap any more.

The styling of these bluetooth iPad headphones is gorgeous, in that glossy finish that will look good with any outfit. The sleek, simple lines are ideal for any user that wants some wireless iPad headphones that aren’t too obnoxious, but provide ample aesthetics for day to day use, and with
headphones that look this good, you’ll surely have an incentive to wear them out of the house!

These headphones even offer a customisable headband to suit any user’s needs, so you’ll be able to wear them comfortably for hours on end. If that wasn’t enough, these headphones also last for 11 hours after being charged, so if you’re going to be travelling abroad for an extensive period of time,
you’ll have all the battery life you need to enjoy your tunes the whole way there.

So if you want looks, functionality and a great price, I couldn’t recommend the JayBird Sportsband bluetooth iPad headphones any more.

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