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Never let greasy fingers, a perfect manicure, or warm woolly gloves get between you and your iPad again. Although not included with the Apple iPad as standard, the Touch Pen iPad is a must-have accessory. The Touch pen ipad will help you gain precision control over your iPad’s touch-screen, and
let you enjoy drawing and writing based apps.

When choosing the best Touch pen ipad for your needs look for a pen that will be comfortable to hold, is designed specifically to work with the iPad’s touch-screen, and visually compliments your beautiful new toy / essential piece of work equipment.

If you had visions of scribbling notes on your ipad, much like you can with virtually every other tablet that preceded it, Apple pretty much dashed them with Wednesday’s focus on its onscreen keyboard.

Unsurprisingly, IPad Accessories makers have already stepped up to fill the gap. Ten One Design recently announced pogo sketch and pogo stylus, which are fully compatible with the iPad., Touch pen ipad also regarded as the perfect ipad accessory, just like iPad Card Reader.

As with the iphone and ipad touch, the iPad’s screen requires capacitive input, which is why a traditional plastic stylus (or a gloved fingertip) won’t work. The Pogo pens have special tips that mimic the touch of a finger, but with considerably less surface area.

Consequently, they should work quite well with art apps like brushes (which was spotlighted during Wednesday’s product launch) and current and future note-taking apps.
Made from a light-weight aluminium alloy, the Pogo Sketch pen looks good, and is comfortable to hold. It also has a curved clip so you can keep it handy. The nib has is designed to enable you to use it at a natural angle, perfect for writing and drawing. However, the soft and angled nature of the
nib can lead to slippage during use, so it is not as precise as some models. Check the latest online price shown to the right. If it is under $10, then this stylus is a good option as a value model. But for top precision and ease of use, consider investing a bit more money.

Boxwave Touch pen ipad work on all capacitive touch screens – so you can use it on your iPad, iPhone, and all the rest of your gadgets, you techno-junkie. Designed to look and feel like a pen. Available in red, blue, silver and black, but if you want it in a hurry, you may have to settle for
whatever color is available as this is a very popular stylus.

The mini-version has a jack attachment, so you can secure it to your iPad or iPhone – no more digging around in your bag for your Touch pen ipad. This is widely regarded by iPad uses as the best sylus pen on the market. It is responsive, comfortable to use, and durable. It will cost at least $10
more than the Pogo Sketch and doesn’t have any pen / cleaner functionality, but this is a good investment.

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