What Use is There for a Cheap aPad

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Since the introduction of the expensive but much longed for Apple iPad, there has been a large number of copycat devices released. Generally termed as aPads, these tablet computers are cheap and cheerful-but also often rather limited in their specs when it comes to memory and processing power. So then, what use is a cheap aPad?

Before deciding that an aPad is the answer to your iPad cravings, it is important that you look at the differences between the two. aPads come in both seven and ten inch models, meaning that size isn’t a problem. But how they are made is a problem for some people.

Generally the aPad will have a resistive touch screen, rather than a capacitive one. The resistive screen requires pressure on it to make it work, and may make it harder to swipe things with a finger to move them around. They also aren’t nearly as precise as a capacitive screen and when compared side by side this can make them much harder to use.

Processing speeds are sometimes equal to the iPad, but normally are far less. In fact the average aPad has a processor that is around a third slower than it’s more powerful cousin. This can decrease the response times and means that often games, and video applications don’t run nearly as well.

The amount of memory that comes in an aPad is normally the worst thing. It may have a quarter, or even less memory when compared to the iPad, and this severely limits the amount of processes that you can run at any one time. If the device offers multi-tasking, the limited memory can mean that it is not actually possible to run more than one or two processes at a time, or else the device will slow down, or even stop responding.

With these limitations in mind, what use is a cheap aPad? If you want a tablet computer but can’t afford an iPad, then one of these may suit you. As long as you bear in mind the lesser specs and understand that it won’t be the same as owning an iPad, then you should get along fine.

The most ideal use for these are for older children. Many children love the look and the way that they work, and yet for most children the cost of the iPad makes them too expensive as a gift. Children are also more likely to be able to cope with the lesser specs, as they will quickly get used to what their latest gadget can do.

There is now at least one aPad device that isn’t made by Apple, but that functions just as well as an iPad. Unfortunately this is just as expensive-if not more so than the iPad. The bottom line is that an aPad will never truly be an iPad replacement, unless you are buying an aPad that costs a similar amount. Yet these cheaper devices do have their uses, and are getting better all the time-so as long as you don’t expect to get an iPad at a fraction of the price, an aPad may be worth considering.

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