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With Apple enjoying a monopoly in the market of sleek and stylish gadgets, one would have wondered would there ever be a competitor who could come close to what they are offering if not the same? But brace yourself as there finally is some competition for Apple’s iPad with the introduction of the
unbelievable piece of technology called the 10″ Android Tablet.

This gadget has taken the industry by a storm because of its functional competence as well as the stylish element it brings with it. Why would Apple iPad with such a large market share be worried about the 10″ Android Tablet? It offers the best cheap tablet android deal which is as less as two
hundred dollars than the price of an Apple iPad. Quite fascinating indeed.

The 10″ Android tablet weighs only sixteen ounces compared to iPad’s twenty four ounces which again gives it a competitive edge. It makes it even easier to carry. Just slide it in your bag and you’re ready to move. It has been made more sturdy and firm with a stainless steel frame protecting it
from any sort of damage. The 10″ Android tablet has a 16:9 screen which makes it multi-purposeful. From reading a book to playing a game, from watching a movie or using the internet browser, you can do it all.

Considering how the 10″ Android tablet compares its physical attributes so closely with that of Apple iPad, it really is fascinating how it offers the best cheap tablet android deal to its customers. Its relative low price makes it ever more attractive for gadget lovers. However there is a slight dark side to things as well. The 10 Android Tablet has its own online application store and is currently offering only five thousands applications which is only a small fraction of the twenty give thousand Apple is offering. This is something they are working on and will surely come up with more
interesting applications for its users.

Following are a few details of the 10″ android tablet:

The model number is an indication of the screen size as well as the hard disk size.

It has extendable memory which can go up to a staggering 250 GB.

It has a microSD slot, an HDMI mini out, HD video recording and a 2MP camera

Processing speed of 800MHz

The video player of the 10″ android tablet also offers a video player which can play all formats of videos and even has support to play Skype videos. The price of the tablet varies between two hundred dollars to two fifty dollars making it comparatively less priced that some of the other similar
gadgets available in the market. They offer you the best cheap tablet android deal which is unmatchable. Gone are the days when you could never think of buying a sleek and sexy gadget for a mere two hundred dollars.

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